Hitler and the Clone Reich

JFK’s assassination did not involve the Cubans, the Kremlin, the Mafia, or the CIA. There was no sinister conspiracy carried out by a secret cabal determined to expand America’s role in Vietnam. In fact, his death had nothing to do with politics. Kennedy got caught up in a good, old fashioned love triangle, cuckolding a sociopath with a silly mustache.

The shadowy figure on the grassy knoll, spotting for the second shooter, was Adolph Hitler. Not that they needed proof, but the Langley lab matched his fingerprints to partials from a cigarette butt left at the scene. Marilyn Monroe was his girl and the Führer had strong feelings about her dalliances with the President.

Jealousy’s the oldest motive in the book. You can look it up. Cain murdered Abel and ran off with his brother’s wife. Whose kid do you think Aclima was carrying anyway?

In book threeMorrison, Elvis, and Jimi match wits with Adolf and Marilyn’s bouncing, baby boy. He’s all grown up and ready to fulfill his father’s dreams of world domination. He’s smuggled hundreds of vials of frozen Fuhrer sperm out of a super-secret CIA vault — the first step in his master plan to breed an army of baby Hitler clones and create the Fourth Reich.